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    Zirconium Crown and Dental Veneer

    What is zirconium?

    Zirconium is an inorganic substance and is a white-grey element. It is a widely used material in tooth design thanks to its resistance to corrosion and light transmitting nature. Zirconium Teeth are preferred because of its light transmitting feature and natural appearance, same as real teeth. It is highly preferred because it appears similar with the real tooth at the rate of 95%.
    While the treatment process in Zirconium Crown application usually lasts between 7 and 8 days, since we have our own laboratory, we can reduce this process up to 4 days.Our first aim is to complete the treatment as soon as possible and for you to have a great appearance.

    You can consult us with all your questions about zirconium crown application, plan your treatment process and get information about price quotation immediately.