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    Dental Implant

    Dental implant is a dental treatment that we frequently carry out in the absence of one or more teeth, both in terms of health and aesthetics.Dental implants can be applied to those who are over the age of 18 and have completed their jaw, facial development and bone formation. Dental implant acts as a titanium artificial tooth root placed in the non-tooth part of the jawbone.The implant functions as a natural tooth root and you can eat, laugh and talk like your own authentic tooth.

    Dental Implant treatment is performed by applying a mild sedation to the patient.Detailed examination and panoramic x-ray are absolutely required before the procedure.The size and density of the jawbones are very significant for the implant to be applied. By using bone powder in our patients who do not have sufficient bone density, a natural bone structure is created in this region, thus ensuring that the implant is more durable and permanent.With dental implants, a long-lasting and healthy result is obtained compared to traditional bridges and total prostheses, and a more natural appearance is achieved.

    It is recommended that patients who smoke excessively quit smoking for better and stronger knitting of the implant to the bone.