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    Gluteoplasty (BBL)

    Gluteoplastyis a surgery that is performeda lot today and has good results. Due to the increasing demands for this aesthetic branch, the techniques are also

    quite advanced.

    Gluteoplasty is carried out in 2 different ways.

    1-) BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift):Fats formed in the side and back areas of the patient are sucked by liposuction and injected into the dip parts of the butt area and back to achieve an aesthetic appearance.In this operation, a full contour and aesthetically pleasing appearance is provided to the buttocks, waist and back with Body Contour.

    2-) Butt Prosthesis:Just like the breast prosthesis, specially designed prostheses are used for the buttock area. With an incision of approximately 4 or 7 cm, the prosthesis is placed under the muscle. It is an operation that takes about 1.5 hours.