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    Arm and Leg Lift

    Patient’s arm and upper legcan lose its appearance and sagin due to high and rapid weight loss and structural loosening of the skin in old age.This situation causes a decrease in the self-confidence of the patient and problems in finding clothes.

    The most important point to be decided in this patient group is whether a good result can be achieved with only Liposuction in the area.It is possible to get very good results with Liposuction in patients with good skin quality (thick skin) and less sagging.

    However, when excess skin and tissue will not be eliminated after the operation to be performed with Liposuction, applying stretching prevents the unpleasant appearance in the future and allows us to achieve a good result.

    The most important problem in Arm and Leg Lift surgery is the long scar on the inner part of the arm and leg. When the scar is placed in the right place and closed without tension, the scar looks much better than a sagging skin.That’s why, high patient satisfaction is achieved in appropriate patients. Smooth lines are obtained by contour shaping in conformity with the aesthetic appearance of the person.

    Arm and Leg Lift surgeries are surgery that provides high satisfaction in correctly selected patients and provides a significant improvement in social life.